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dsc-00991.jpg caters to people looking for the best price on refurbished electronics. With a high level of customer service, a light-hearted approach to business, and a commitment to our customers, we aim to be the go-to destination for great prices on electronics. We are also proud to say that we perform all of our refurbishing in the United States, to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards.

As a company focused on high quality, we buy gently used computers from certified suppliers such as Hewlett Packard and after receiving the units, DealScoop follows a detailed procedure to physically and digitally clean each computer, load it with the proper technology, and then finally run every one through stringent tests to ensure the computer is fully functional and up to standards. On a larger scale, DealScoop makes the earth a greener place by refurbishing and essentially recycling over 8,000 computers every month that may have been otherwise disposed of as waste. 

At DealScoop, our main priority is to assist you, our customer, in finding personalized solutions at affordable prices, without sacrificing the level of service. We on the team, appreciate your trust in us, and we are committed to do our utmost in continuing to earn that trust.

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