​The Benefits of Buying Gently Used Goods

​The Benefits of Buying Gently Used Goods

The idea of buying gently used or secondhand goods can be a little scary for some. A growing number of stores-both brick and mortar and online-are starting to offer used/refurbished products, however questions from nonbelievers pop up. For example: where did it come from; is it going to work right; can I trust the company selling the used/refurbished goods? Many people have hopped on the bandwagon and purchased almost-new items and here are some major reasons you should too.

Buying Used = Saving More

A great benefit of buying used/refurbished products is the savings! Many companies like DealScoop offer a price of 25% or lower than what you would pay for a brand new item. And it’s true–when you’re open to buying almost-new, you can find great deals on lightly used electronics, tools, clothing and so much more. In some cases, you can save up to 80% on the original retail price!

But do these savings come at a cost? Will these gently used items meet your standards in terms of looks, quality, and function? If you purchase from reputable sites, sellers or sources, they absolutely can. DealScoop, for example, has their own quality standards and testing procedures for products, which you can findhere; so when you purchase used goods, you know exactly what you’re getting–and you get it at a great price.

The main point here is if you’re looking to save a little extra money, and fully functioning devices are important to you, plus you’re flexible on the cosmetic condition then this is the way to go.


One of the biggest questions when it comes to used goods is; will I receive a quality device buying it used vs new? You’ll find that many if not most used goods that are sold by companies are actually products that haven’t been used at all. Instead, they’ve been returned because someone got it as a gift and wanted a different version, or bought it and it wasn’t what they thought, or other reasons. The items that actually have been used are taken through a process of refurbishment so that they look and work like “new”. At DealScoop, we do light repairs on our products, but most of the product we get are the latter, where they need no repair at all.


Need another benefit? Buying gently used goods means that you’re participating in a more sustainable economy. When you buy used or refurbished you are extending the life of a perfectly good product. How? One of the ways is that there are no new manufacturing resources, as well no extra energy used to create a brand new product.

Have you ever felt guilty throwing away something that you knew would be perfect for someone else? Ever used a thrift store or consignment shop? These places make it easy to repurpose very good quality items and allow you to shop for sustainable used or refurbished goods. If you’re more of an online shopper, try shopping at sites that work to extend the lifecycle of products, like us.

The simple act of buying gently used goods is a great way to conserve resources, as well as contribute to sustainable ecommerce.

The Benefits Aren’t Limited to Used Goods

Last, but certainly not least, the best part about shopping for used goods is the benefit of shopping for refurbished, open box, returned and even overstocked products! You can feel good about how you shop and the item you’re shopping for because you are not only getting a great deal, but also you’re extending the lifecycle of perfectly great products.

Are you ready to explore the world of used or refurbished goods? Check out DealScoop to find deals on used, refurbished, and open box products. Start saving more and wasting less.

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Sep 26th 2018 Rachel Swink

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