Refurbishing Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

Refurbishing Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box

Happy International Box Day! Being an online distributor, we use boxes on a daily basis. Actually, almost everyone uses boxes on a daily basis. But what happens to those boxes whenever we finish using them? They usually wind up in a landfill which is not very good for the planet. Let us give you a few ideas on what to do with these boxes to help you save the earth and a little money.

There is More Than One Kind of Cardboard?

Yes! There are 2 main types of boxes that we use: cardboard boxes and paperboard boxes. Cardboard is the type used whenever you buy a new TV, something in bulk, or receive a package online. The more common of the two is paperboard. It's the stuff that makes up most cereal boxes, candy boxes, and DVD/Blu-ray covers. Both of them are good for the list below, although you might have an easier time using cardboard instead.

Rethink, Recondition, Re-use 

One thing that most people don’t think about is how we can use boxes for other things after we finish using them. What do I mean? Well because you’re done moving, or bought a nice refurbished printer, doesn’t mean you should dispose of the box. You can use it for a wide variety of things including:

Extra Storage

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One of the biggest things that I see boxes getting reused for is storage. I'm not talking about keeping the boxes around to hold books. All you need are some basic crafting materials like glue, construction paper, and tape. With these items, you can make anything from desk organizers to storage bins. If you are crafting savvy you can even use them to make shelves or cabinet organizers. For more ideas on cardboard crafting follow the link here.


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Crafting is one of the more obvious things that you can use old boxes for. Halloween costumes and Yard Sale signs are the obvious answer. But there are other things that you can make out of cardboard too like pet beds and picture frames. Have a lot of people coming over and don’t want them to mess up your new furniture? Make a few coasters with a little glue and some paint. Need some decoration to spice up the walls? Make a 3-D sculpture and matching wall art ensemble. Have kids? Build a castle complete with drawbridge, armor, sword, shield, crown, and scepter. Tired of putting up with people’s crap? Put a box on you head top get some “Alone Time” (don’t do it at work). The possibilities are endless.


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This is a little trade secret that a majority of people don’t know.Cardboard on its own makes great composting material as well as an excellent weed killer. Put the cardboard down on the area you want to fix and then hose it down for a few minutes until flat. This will begin the decomposition process. After that, place some soil on top of it and in a few weeks your garden or yard will look beautiful!

Final Thoughts

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Jun 19th 2019 James Johnson

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