14 PC Shortcut Keys Everyone Should Know

14 PC Shortcut Keys Everyone Should Know

Don’t you hate it when you lose your place in a web page or doc? You can spend a lot of time scrolling around to search for it, which can be super frustrating. It is time up your game and learn the keyboard shortcuts power users use to save time on their computer.

These 14 shortcut keys are ones every beginner PC user should know (and practice) to get the most out of web browsing and Microsoft Office use.

Top 14 PC Shortcuts

Ctrl + A (Select all): This shortcut key combo is a time saver! Instead of clicking and holding down the mouse while scrolling you can use Ctrl + A to select all text in a document, spreadsheet, web page, database or table.

CTRL + B: Want to type in bold? Ctrl + B will do the trick

Ctrl + C (Copy): Most people know this one. Retyping a lot of information can be frustrating. Instead, use Ctrl + C to select and copy information to reuse in a different place or document.

Ctrl + F (Find): Scrolling around and searching to try to find a doc or app on your PC can take a lot of unnecessary time. Instead, use Ctrl + F to find a word or phrase within a document, web page, database or spreadsheet. It’ll save you loads of time.

Ctrl + I (Italics): Want to change you text to italics. Simply select the Ctrl and the key and there you go.

Ctrl + N (Create something new): Selecting file then new may not seem like a slow way to create something new, but using Ctrl + N can help you move faster than the speed of lightning. Use this one on Microsoft Office or to open up a new web page.

Ctrl + P (Print): Save yourself the hassle of clicking on the file drop-down menu to print. Instead, use the Ctrl + P keys to quickly get something to print.

Ctrl + S (Save): Depending on auto-save can be risky. Instead, make sure to save your work constantly using Ctrl + S so that you don’t miss a beat.

Ctrl + U (Underline): Looking to underline text without the hassle of highlighting and then going up to click the button? Well, select Ctrl + U and you’re all set.

Ctrl + V (Paste): Now that you’ve copied your selected text it’s time to put them into your new desired location. Hit Ctrl + V to paste the info.

Ctrl + Y (Redo): Had a change of heart since hitting Ctrl + Z, and want to restore the last action? Simply use the Ctrl + Y buttons to do so.

Ctrl + Z (Undo): Oops! Did you make a mistake and want to quickly undo what you did? No worries, there is a shortcut key for that. Hit Ctrl + Z to undo your last action.

Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow (Move cursor one word at a time): To save you from the frustration of mashing your arrow key several times to get to your desired place in a document use Ctrl + the left or right arrow (depending on which direction you want to go).

ALT + TAB: Instead of going down to the menu bar and looking though all your open tabs, you can use the ALT key, which will bring up all your open windows and the TAB key to select which one you want to open.

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Have a few other favorite PC shortcut keys you’d like to share? Comment below!

Aug 28th 2018 Rachel Swink

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