How We Grade our Refurbished Products


DealScoop works with companies around the world to give new life to returned, damaged, and surplus goods. At our Dallas, Texas based facility, our team takes the products through our in-depth refurbishment process where we repackage the items to be sold “like new” at a competitive price. Because there is not a universal way to describe A, B, and C grade, below are the standards we use to evaluate our products.

Explaining Our Grading Process

We put every monitor, printer, laptop, and desktop that comes through our doors through a rigorous evaluation and grading process. The grade given to each product reflects the cosmetic wear or light use in which it is received. Regardless of the grade, we warranty the product to ensure it will perform as good as new (batteries are tested to perform at least 85% of new).

A Grade Refurbished Products

Products that are listed as A-Grade are new in the box. The box might have been opened, but the product inside is brand new and has not been used. We also call these “new open units,” products that have not been used, but the box seal was broken. Any handling for these products is for inspection purposes only, and you can be assured the product is like-new…just with a lower price.

B Grade Refurbished Products

B-Grade products are refurbished, but like-new items. In some cases, there may be limited cosmetic issues. However, the product and system should work like-new. Over 90% of our products are rated as grade B.

  • Products have been tested and certified to look and work like new
  • The refurbishment process includes a diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, a thorough cleaning and inspection process, and repackaging.
  • All products ship with relevant accessories that come with the new product.
  • Backed by a 90-day limited warranty guaranteeing performance like the new product. 

C Grade Refurbished Products

Products listed as C-Grade may have minor scratches to the surface of the item or small scratches on the screen. Photos of C-Grade products on our website are of the same product and grade, but may not necessarily have the same amount or place of the wear as the one you receive. We try our best to accurately match each C-Grade product to the listing photo. All listings with C-Grade images are noted on the listing. Performance of C-Grade product should be equivalent to like new products.

We make every effort to ensure your refurbished product performs just like a new product. Whenever we are unable to provide you with a like-new item, we price the product according to its condition and available accessories. Examples of

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Refurbished Product Considerations 

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering refurbished products:

  • Products will come with the same accessories as the original item, unless otherwise noted
  • Refurbished laptops always come with an HP (OEM) charger and battery, unless otherwise noted
  • Refurbished units may come in a brown box that identifies it as being refurbished