Our Philosophy

We here at DealScoop have a philosophy of providing the best prices on refurbished electronics and pairing that with friendly customer service and a lighthearted approach to business. Here are some of the unique facts about what we do.

  • US - Texas Based -  We are based in Fort Worth, Texas. All our items are refurbished here in the USA. What this means for you is no extra shipping fees and knowledge that we are creating jobs and keeping the product in the USA.
  • Like New Products - the majority of the products we sell are what are called Grade B products. This means that the product is refurbished, but like-new. In some cases there may be limited cosmetic issues. However, the product and system should work like-new. For more information on our how we grade our products, click here.
  • Ecologically Friendly - Our refurbishment process keeps tech out of landfills, Instead of throwing out the returned technology, we reach out to companies and take their returned items turn them around and resell them. 
  • Human Touch - Every electronic that goes through our refurbish system is touched by a human hand.
  • Like New Boxes - Our boxes are like new with a few alterations. When you receive your product it will come in a nice, shiny box.