DuraCasa 5 Inch Bed Risers 5.5WHTSETOF4

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  • DuraCasa 5 Inch Bed Risers 5.5WHTSETOF4
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DuraCasa 5 Inch Bed Risers 5.5WHTSETOF4


  • STRONGEST BED RISERS ON AMAZON: What is so special about DuraCasaà Bed Risers? Our heavy duty 5 inch bed risers are the ONLY risers on this site with a design capable of safely holding up to 2,000 pounds and a 5.5À bed post, accommodating to beds of all sizes. You will sleep better, store better, and live better with these sturdy bed lifters!
  • MAKE THE MOST OUT OF A LITTLE: Tired of having limited storage space in your apartment or condo? Look no further! Our 4 pack of bed risers gives you an additional 5 inches of storage space under your bed, perfect for totes full of keepsakes, drawers for extra clothes, or suitcases for when you travel. The possibilities are endless!
  • VERSATILE - GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY: Our furniture lifters are also equipped to hold sofas, chairs, or even your desk! Wherever you need additional height and not as much storage space, DuraCasa has got you covered!
  • TROUBLE FALLING ASLEEP? Bed risers not only give you more storage space and height; they also aid in better sleep for those with acid reflux. The added height allows for air that is more dust-free, as you will be further from the floor where children and pets may play, leading to better circulation and overall better rest!


This DuraCasa 5 Inch Bed Risers 5.5WHTSETOF4 has been professionally refurbished by a Certified Technician and has been restored to look and function like new.

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